Monthly Archives: March 2015

Some guys get all the luck.

Call me old fashioned, but I thought that when a public institution hired someone for a big job, all qualified applicants would get the opportunity to compete for the position. If tax payers are footing the bill, shouldn’t the playing field be level and the process transparent? Not at the University of Maine, apparently. After […]

Apples to Apples and Maine’s Top 1%

Much to the chagrin of knee-jerk Republicans who gleefully championed the repeal of the Democrats’ “tax on fun” reform law in 2009, Governor LePage rolled out a budget this year that taxes even more fun. And, for supporters of tax reform, its fun to watch haughty know-it-alls back peddle and talk out both sides of […]

Hillary’s emails, letter to Iran, Facebook slurs: Communication problems worldwide

Mike: Cynthia, why are Democrats so silent on Hillary Clinton’s avoidance of government email for official business? Cynthia: Because we’re tired of manufactured controversies, and we judge Clinton on her record of international achievement. Mike: “Manufactured controversy?” If Paul LePage had all his email stored on a privately-owned server, Democrats wouldn’t accuse him of flouting […]