Monthly Archives: February 2015

In love, still, with Shakespeare and Tom

Parting is such sweet sorrow when you drop him off at the bus station this cold dark February morning in Maine. Its sweetness is the reminder you are not affixed to each other by children, mortgage or habit alone; its sorrow the many lost opportunities for closeness. A pair of star-cross’d lovers is a polite way to describe your beginning. He was dating someone his mother […]

The state of the state is perplexed

Who is this guy? What happened to the Paul LePage the Tea Party loved and the liberals loved to hate? We don’t know yet if Governor LePage is reinventing himself or his street smarts and survival instinct figure the only way his budget bomb will get traction is if he gets people on board who […]

Rapid Reaction: State of the State

A few quick thoughts on the Governor’s State of the State tonight: 1. The Governor has some more selling to do, and that starts tomorrow. Augusta is tepid about his plan, but he delivers it with passion. That approach won him the Blaine House for a second term and may win him substantial tax reform. […]