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How is a vote for Cutler rational?

Cynthia: Mike, “rational choice theory” applied to politics suggests that self-interested voters will do a cost-benefit analysis in the voting booth and base their choice on which candidate will maximize their personal gain and minimize their loss if elected. Given the polls to date and a recent muddled press conference, how does a Cutler supporter rationalize […]

Much ado about Cutler

Cynthia: Eliot Cutler was recently described by a Boston Globe columnist as a guy “who conveys the sense of someone who believes his superiority as a would-be governor is so self-evident that it’s a little wearying to have to point it out.” When asked the spoiler question, Cutler apparently said of Gov. Paul LePage and Congressman Mike […]

A debate on Maine’s status as oldest, whitest

Editor’s Note: He Said, She Said is taking a break this week. Instead, we’ve posed a question to Mike Cianchette, the Republican part of the He Said, She Said duo, and guest columnist Ian Grady. They have offered responses from their respective points of view. Cynthia Dill will return next week.   Maine is the oldest […]